Our policy for after-sales is to be able to repair and service all the equipment we sell. This is achieved by training our staff at the mother companies, investing in repair equipment and fully equipped workshops, have the necessary availability of spare parts in stock and above all have the right experience and knowledge!



SCUBA Cylinder hydrostatic pressure testing, visual inspection and valve repairs


Scuba cylinders are designed to be extremely tough and to provide many years of safe and trouble-free diving. Nonetheless a cylinder must be well cared for and properly maintained by visual inspection and hydrostatic testing. Scuba cylinders must undergo visual inspection every 2.5 years and hydrostatic testing every 5 years.


We service (scuba cylinder visual inspection and scuba cylinder hydrostatic pressure testing) all kind and sizes of gas, scuba cylinders and BA cylinders according to standards such as EN1986 and EN1802. SalpaSub also offers sand blasting (shot blasting) of diving cylinders, tumbling, oxygen compatible anti-rust treatment, repainting (1 or 2 compound paint) and accessories such as cylinder valve parts, replacement valves, nets and boots.


Click here to download a guide on how to take care of your cylinder


SalpaSub staff is trained to test SCUBA diving cylinders and SCBA cylinders (BA cylinders) according to the following European Standards:

EN 1968:2002 (steel cylinders)

EN 1802:2002 (aluminum cylinders)

EN 11623:2002 (composite gas cylinders)


Book a hydrostatic test for your SCUBA or SCBA cylinder here.



Suit repair


At Salpasub we repair wetsuit, semi-dry and dry suits. Typical repair that we carry out are changing of zips and of zip sliders (BDM, YKK, T-zip) for wetsuits and dry-suits, replacement of inserts in neoprene with blind stitching, re-taping, seal replacements (neck seal, wrist seals, ankle seals) both in neoprene and latex, booties replacement (dry suit), dry-suit leak test and puncture repairs, Velcro replacement, reinforcements on knees and elbows, attachment of pockets and accessories, size alterations and other repairs and customization works (such as printing on neoprene)


Download and return this form if you want to book a diving suit repair


You can also shop for any products you would need to take care of your suits: zip lubrication wax, softeners, cleaning and disinfecting products, neoprene glue, and now also a simple but useful neoprene repair kit! CLICK here for list of related items


We also produce made to measure suits and custom made suits.



Regulator repair and servicing


Regular servicing and inspection of your regulator is vital for its continued safe and reliable use. Whether purchased from SalpaSub or another store, we can service all popular brands of regulators.


All standard parts are replaced (o-rings, diaphrams, etc.) and if necessary we can also replace hoses, mouthpieces, instruments etc.

In our store you can also find servicing kits for regulators, hoses, instruments and tools.


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BCD and wing repairs


Repairs of punctures, inflators, valves, zips and back plates



Air Quality Analysis


Our chemist will sample and analyse the air from your BA compressor (following EN12021 standards) and measure CO, CO2, H2O and O2 levels, as well as oil presence and the presence of odours. A certificate will be issued within 2 hours from the test.



Compressor Repairs and Installation


SalpaSub is the authorised distributor, repair and service center for Aerotecnica Coltri compressors in Malta and Gozo. Units vary from small portable pumps filling 100l/min of air to filling stations (up to 600l/min) and can be fully equipped with all safety features, digital control panels, air dryers, filling panels and automation. The compressors are driven by electric motors (single or three phase) or petrol or diesel engines.  Silenced versions and units for temperate regions are also produced for most sizes. The compressor chassis is also available in stainless steel.  If you would like to fill Nitrox you can choose from the range of LP Nitrox compressors or membranes.


Coltri compressors are used for SCUBA diving, SCBA (firefighting applications) and also in other sports such as paintball! Have a look at our product range HERE.


Apart from selling compressors we also hire compressors and we offer a replacement unit until the repair on your filling station is finalised.


SalpaSub technicians repair and service compressors and can overhaul the compressor completely to 0 hours including sand-blasting and repainting of chassis, setup of additional filtration system  and repair electronic sensors, boards and components.  We stock a large range of spare parts and consumables thus we offer a quick and timely service. Repairs can be carried on site (ships, private boats and super yachts, diving schools) or at our workshop and a log of all the repairs carried out will be registered. We will take complete care of your compressor and we will also inform you when the next service is due to make your life easier!


Coltri Compressors now also have a range of fill containment cabinets (also known as boom boxes) that can fill from a single cylinder up to four cylinders at a time. You can find these products here


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Full face mask repairs


Servicing of full face masks and related accessories like communicators, cables, PTTs and surface communicators. Brands serviced are AGA, Ocean Reef, Scubapro, Poseidon Atmosphere, Divator, OTS (Ocean technology systems), Apeks, Kirby-Morgan and Miller



Dive computers repairs


We do repairs on all brands of dive computers (Pelagic group: Aeris, Hollis and Oceanic, Citizen, Cochran Undersea Technology, HeinrichsWeikamp, Heliox Technologies, HTM Sports: Dacor and Mares, HydroSpace Engineering, Liquivision, Orca Industries Inc., Scubapro-UWATEC by Johnson Outdoors, Seiko, Shearwater Research, Suunto, uemis, Underwater Technology Center, VR Technology, Apeks, Cressi, Dive Rite, Tusa, Zeagle, Beuchat, Genesis, Seemann, Sherwood, A.P.Valves). The service includes a battery change, test and calibration.



Electronic equipment repair


Salpasub repairs torches (also battery replacements for rechargeable torches), underwater electronic equipment such as communicators, video/photo equipment (also servicing of underwater camera housings). Our electronics repair workshop is fully equipped for repair of SMD.



Custom diver equipment


Able to dive! Salpasub offers a unique service to modify scuba equipment such as wetsuits, gloves, fins, weight belt harnesses etc. for accommodating special needs that some divers might sometimes require. 



Scientific diving services


Our team of scientific divers can assist in sample collection (coring, grab, scuba assisted or ROV), accredited analysis of water quality parameters and sediments, marine ecology studies (such as Posidonea surveys or Pinna nobilisparameters), granulometry, mapping of benthic habitats, underwater video surveys, fish id, underwater ultrasonic thickness measurements of steel, MIC surveys, etc.



Underwater drilling services


Capacity to drill holes in the seabed in order to take samples for scientific analysis or to install moorings; diameters up to 300mm

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