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We are proud of our extensive diving and scuba gear selection. At Salpasub we stock, distribute, service and repair major scuba diving brands. Products include latest models of dive computers, full face masks, technical diving equipment, BA portable air compressors, BCDs, regulators, masks (adult and children), fins, ear protection for divers, made-to-measure diving suits, custom made equipment, dive gear for women, dive gear for kids, lifting buoys and lifting bags, safety and rescue equipment, a huge selection of diving knives, LED torches, underwater digital cameras, action cameras and housings, scuba tank and steel cylinders, thermal suits, jelly fish suits and much more.


Feel free to contact us for any assistance you would need, we are sure to give you useful diving advice, products and service.


SalpaSub also provides a vast range of scuba diving equipment for the technical divers, commercial divers, fish farms, diving schools and dive centre, BA for fire fighting and other specialised scuba gear. Here you will find compressors by Coltri, full face masks by Interspiro and Ocean Reef, products like made to measure suits, dry suits, scuba cylinders, diving computer, technical diving masks and fins. Harnesses, back plates, clips and buckles, and other scuba supplies are available in our dive warehouse. Let us know what you need by contacting us here


Scuba diving in the Maltese Islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino) has been rated as the top European destination by the readers of a leading scuba diving magazine. You will be diving in clear warm waters offering a visibility of 40m at its best, a variety of great dive sites with easy access, a sea temperature as high as 27 Celsius in summer together with an interesting array of marine life.