Breathing Air Compressors

Portable Air Compressors 

Fill scuba tanks at home, on location or on your boat. These compact 80-100 l/min breathing air portable compressors have a 300bar max pressure rating and also work well for light industrial use and paintball fill stations. They can be driven by an electric motor (single or three phase) or by a petrol or diesel engine to increase the portability and use in remote areas. The Coltri sub compressors also come in silenced versions for the portable modes, with a stainless steel chassis option as well. Automation can be bought with or after the purchase of the compressor - it will keep life simple and drain the condensate water automatically and stop the compressor at the preset pressure. 
Very simple to operate and also simple and cheap to maintain. The filter of the compressor can be refilled so your breathing air filling will become economical as well as environmentally friendly! SalpaSub also offers training on how to use, maintain and service the BA compressor as well as air quality analysis in Malta and abroad.

Filling stations

When filling scuba or scba cylinders for commercial use a bigger compressor is needed. Selecting the right size of the compressor is essential to have an efficient operation. Bank systems, which are also available from SalpaSub, can also be used to increase the operational efficiency. 
ColtriSub compressors fill up to 600l/min and come in several versions like silenced, tropical models, open cabinet models, miniaturised models, fuel driven or electric motor
The NITORX models are low pressure models that will feed the intake of your original high pressure compressor (which can be a Coltri compressor, Bauer compressor, L&W compresor, Hamworthy compressor, Nouvair compressor Econoair Mako compressor, Nardi compressor). A membrane system removes Nitrogen from the air passing through leaving enriched air to the compressor. Sensors and mixers feed the pre-set NITROX  mix to the HP compressor which is then fed to the scuba tanks. 
A two pump compressor system is also available. The air delivery is of 430 or 530 l/min depending on the model chosen. The idea behind design is that the compressor has redundancy - the second pump can be used to achieve faster filling rates or if there is a malfunction the secondary pump can be used instead of the primary pump in order not to disrupt the filling operations.


Within our compressor pages you will also find a lot of accessories related to BA, SCUBA, SCBA, and filling of gases including paintball and air-rifle filling systems and adaptors. 
SalpaSub can supply filling panels, automation systems, hoses and gauges, complete installations, servicing and repairs,  air quality analysis, synthetic oils for compressors, carbon monoxide catalyst, activated carbon and molecular sieve for the filter regeneration, personal filters, transfer hoses etc.